AVG AntiVirus Business Edition

Safe your identity, transactions and data

Identity Protection :

Anti-Spyware safeguards your identity from spyware as well as adware which tracks all your personal information.

File Server Security :

Windows file server security we provide helps you in keeping it safe, private as well as away from the hackers’ hands.

Data Safe :

Encrypts and stores your important company documents, or some other files in a password-protected virtual disk on the computer.

File Shredder :

Advanced File Shredder deletes files securely for helping you in preventing unintended recovery.

Safe network and Real-Time

Linkscanner Surf-Shield :

Checks the webpages before it opens in your browser and then,shows a safety rating in the results of search engine for helping you to surf the web easily.

Network Antivirus :

Updated protection against the newest malware in the cyberspace, and all thanks to the cloud-based Real-Time Outbreak Detection as well as proactive AI Detection

Firewall :

Protection against online security threats such as spam, hackers,viruses and malware.

Remote control. Protected hardware

Ransomeware Protection :

Multi-stage ransomware analysis of AVGincludes static as well as behavioral tests, sandboxing, and various other tecniquest for protecting you from the cyber criminals.

Smart Scanner :

Scans your PC when it is free or you’re not working on it so it doesn’t get in the way. This does the hard work so that you as well as your co-workers can focus on thw work without costly distractions and delays.

Remote Management :

Allows your administrator to install, update, and configure AVG remotely on your PC devices—as well as the whole computer network—from one particular location